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Irish Hot Potato

Materials Needed

  • a large potato
  • Irish music
  • Since most kids will already know the rules of Hot Potato, there should limit time spend on explaining the rules and more time for fun!


    The classic game of Hot Potato is a great fit for a St. Patrick’s Day party. So pump up some Irish music and send the potato around the circle.

    The Set Up: Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle close to one another. Randomly select one player as the starter and give them one large potato.

    The Rules: Start playing some Irish music. The person controlling the music should have their eyes closed or be facing away from the circle. The kids pass the potato as quickly as possible to the person to their left for as long as the music is playing. After a random period of time stop the music. The person holding the potato is out and should exit the circle so the game can continue. Eventually there will be just one person remaining who is the winner.

    The Music: You can use traditional songs like Danny Boy or Back Home in Derry; or for a more modern feel anything by U2, the Pogues or the Cranberries.