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A Shower of Advice

Materials Needed

  • Blank advice cards
  • A bowl
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • (optional) Scrap-booking supplies
  • (optional) Photos from the shower
  • Historically, bridal showers where more focused on helping the bride prepare for married life than playing fun games. With A Shower of Advice you get a healthy dose of both!


    The bridal shower guests get a chance to shower the bride with advice about married life with this heartwarming game.

    The Setup: When you send out the invitations include a blank card for the guests to write down a piece of advice for the bride. It can be a poem, a favorite recipe, a story that shares some wisdom, or just bullet points of how to deal with sharing a bathroom or closet with a man. Have a few extras available at the shower in case guests forget or want to write extra advice for the bride.

    As the guests arrive, collect the advice cards and make sure the guests signed the them. Put the advice cards in a bowl(one per guest if some guests wrote extras). When you are ready to play the game, pass out pens and paper.

    The Rules: Draw the first card from the bowl, label it number one and read it to the bridal shower. The guests and the bride if she wants to play write down number one and their guess as to who wrote that advice card. Keep going until all of the cards have been read, then go back and reveal the author of each advice card. The guest that correctly guessed the most is the winner. After the game give the bride all of the cards, including any extras that guests wrote, as keepsakes.

    Make a Scrapbook (optional): After the shower make a scrapbook that includes all of the advice cards(including extras) as well as photos from the bridal shower and give it to the bride.