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Are You the Keymaster?

Materials Needed

  • one responsible person
  • (optional) a shirt or jacket with a lot of hooks and pins
  • (optional) a small bag
  • When you have a Halloween party with adult beverages it can present a bit of a dilemma. You want your guests to have a great time but you also do not want them to get behind the wheel of a car if they are not able to drive safely. A great way to solve this problem and make it entertaining is to play the keymaster game at your party. It is really not a game, but it can still be fun.

    Choose a responsible person who is not drinking at your event to serve as the keymaster. As your guests arrive it is the keymaster’s job to take the car keys from anyone who is drinking alcohol at your party and hold them throughout the evening. When the guest is ready to leave the keymaster must deem them okay to drive and return their car keys.

    A great way to make it fun is to make the keymaster a costume to wear at the party. Take a shirt or jacket and attach lots of hooks, safety pins and ties. As the guests arrive and the keymaster takes the keys they are attached to the costume. The keymaster ends up being covered in keys and jingling as they walk around. If you choose not to go with the costume, a small bag or even a pillow case works great for keeping the keys.