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Baby Bag – Guess How Many

Materials Needed

  • A small baby bag
  • Diapers, a bottle, and other baby items
  • Candy to fill the bag
  • A bowl
  • Slips of paper
  • Pens
  • This game does require a good deal of prep work and comes with the expense of the bag and its contents, but since the parents and one of your shower guests both win a prize you can looks at it as two games instead of one.


    Challenge your shower guests to guess the number of items in a baby bag. In most Guess How Many games the winner is awarded the contents of a jar(usually candy). With Baby Bag – Guess How Many the winner still gets a haul of candy and the parents to be get a useful bag full of helpful baby stuff.

    The Setup: In a small baby bag put a few diapers, a baby bottle, a pacifier, a raffle, a baby safe toy, and whatever other small useful baby related items you choose, but be sure to leave a lot of empty space. After you have added the baby items, fill in all of the available space with candy bars and other wrapped candies until the bag is overflowing while keeping track of exactly how many items are in the bag.

    At your baby shower, place the bag on a table with a bowl, slips of paper and some pens.

    The Rules: Each shower guest can examine the bag to try to best estimate the number of items, but not touch it. When they are ready to guess they write their name and best guess on a slip of paper, fold it and put it in the bowl. The person who comes the closest to actual number of items in the baby bag is the winner and gets to keep all of the candy.

    A Gift for the Parents: Once you have given the candy to the winner, give the bag and its contents to the soon-to-be parents as a gift from the baby shower.