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Baby Bottle Chug-a-lug

Materials Needed

  • A baby bottle for each guest
  • Babies make drinking a bottle look easy, but you might be surprised at how long it takes adults to finish a baby bottle with this exciting baby shower game.


    Have your guests channel their inner baby as they race to see who can drink a baby bottle the quickest. This whimsical game is a great choice to play early in your baby shower as it allows the guests act a little silly and get in the party spirit. Depending on what beverage they choose to but in their bottle, they might also be getting into some other spirits.

    The Setup: Buy a baby bottle for each party guest. When you are ready to play the game give each shower guest a bottle and allow them to fill it with any beverage they choose. Just make sure that all bottles are filled to the top line and the nipples are securely attracted.

    The Rules: Let the guests know that unscrewing the top or forcing the opening in the nipple larger is not allowed. Then countdown, 1-2-3-GO! and let the sipping commence. The first guest to completely empty their bottle is the winner.

    A Gift for the Parents (optional): After the baby shower sterilize all of the bottles and give them to the soon to be parents as a bonus gift.