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Bat Spin Relay Race

Materials Needed

  • One baseball bat per team
  • Most of the time you do not want your party guests stumbling around with no sense of balance. But with the Bat Spin Relay Race it is all part of the game.


    Be sure to provide a lot of space between the teams for this game. Since some of the guests are not going to be running straight, it is best to try to avoid collisions.

    The Set Up: Divide your party guests into teams of 7-10 players each. Mark a start line and place one baseball bat per team about twenty yards away from the start line. Each team lines up on the start line across from their baseball bat.

    The Rules: When the game begins the first player in line for each team runs to their baseball bat. Once there, they grab the skinny end of the bat and while bending over they touch the end of it to their forehead while leaving the end of the fat part of the bat touching the ground. The bat should be at a 90 degree angle to the ground with one end touching the ground and the other end touching the forehead of the player. The player runs in a circle around the bat five times, staying in constant contact with the bat touching their forehead and the bat staying in contact with the ground. After five trips around the bat the party guest then runs back to the start line and tags the second person in line for their team. The second contestant runs to the bat and the process repeats. The first team to have all members complete their turn is the winner.

    Clear the Field of Play: As is the case with any active outdoor game, make sure the playing area is clear of anything the party guests might twist an ankle on or trip over.