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Bridal Shower Wedding Vows

Materials Needed

  • Two clipboards
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • The wedding vows can be one of the most touching moments in a wedding. So why not let your bridal shower guests suggest their own version of the wedding vows?


    Encourage your bridal shower guests to be creative with their suggested wedding vows. They can be romantic, heart-warming or go for laughs with a funny vow. The only limitation is that they should take care to not write anything that might make the bride uncomfortable on her special day.

    The Setup: Across the top of a piece of paper print out or write, ” I (bride’s name) take you (groom’s name) and promise to…”. On a second piece of paper do the same but from the groom’s point of view. Put each on a clipboard with a pen.

    The Rules: Have your shower guests sit in a circle and hand each clipboard to a random person to start. The guest with the clipboard will write down their own suggested vow for the bride or the groom(depending on which clipboard they have). It can be funny like the groom promising to “Always put the toilet seat down in the bathroom” or touching like the groom promising to “brush the brides hair once a week”. Once the first guest is done they fold down the top of the paper to cover their vow, reattach the paper to the clipboard and pass it to the person on their left. That person then suggests a vow, folds down the paper and the process continues.

    When everyone has written a vow for both the bride and the groom read the bridal shower wedding vow suggestions to the entire group. The bride then selects one bridal vow and one groom’s vow as her favorite, the author of those two vows are the winners of the game.

    Make a Keepsake (optional): Once you have finished playing the game, type up both the bride and groom’s vows and print them on separate pieces of paper. Give them to the bride as a keepsake from her bridal shower.