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Christmas Card Toss

Materials Needed

  • 10-12 Christmas Cards
  • Laundry basket
  • Most of us will have plenty of Christmas cards around to play this game… even if they are just from your insurance company 🙂


    Get about 10-12 holiday cards. Place a good sized basket, such as a laundry basket, in the middle of the room about 6 feet away from the players. Have each player take a turn and try to toss the Christmas cards into the basket one by one. This is much harder than it seems at first, you will be surprised how those cards fly about!

    The winner is the one who gets the most cards in the basket after everyone has had a turn. For a tie have the tying players shoot 4-5 more cards each and the one with the most in the basket wins.

    Great for office parties where they usually receive a ton of Christmas cards from other companies each year.