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Christmas Memories

Materials Needed

  • A large tray
  • 15-20 small Christmas related items
  • pens and paper for each guest
  • This popular game challenges your guests to remember multiple small Christmas related items and comes with the bonus having a built in prize. There is also a fun twist to put on the game if you have a group of savvy party game players at your event.


    Get a large tray and place 15-20 small Christmas themed objects on it. The more the better, just make sure the items are easily identifiable. For example: a Christmas ornament, a candy cane, clear tape, a DVD of It’s a Wonderful Life, mistletoe, a cup of eggnog, a Christmas candle.

    Keep the tray hidden at the start of the party, when you start the game have the hostess bring it out and tell your guests that they will be playing a memory game. The guests should study the items on the tray. After five to ten minutes take the tray into another room and pass out pen and paper to all of the guests and challenge them to write down as many of the items on the tray as they can remember. The person who correctly remembers the most items is the winner. If there is a tie use something on the tray to break the tie. For example, if you had a piece of ribbon on the tray ask the guests who tied to guess the length of the ribbon, The person closest to the actual length wins. Of course if the winners prefer they can just agree to spilt the honor of winning and the prize. The items on the tray make a great prize for winner.

    This game works great for kids, you just needs to adjust the numbers of items to best meet their age and ability. For an office Christmas party try and incorporate related item from work onto the tray.

    The Twist: This game is very popular, especially at bridal and baby showers. If you suspect that some of your guests will be familiar with the game and want to play a friendly prank on them then mix up the rules. Have the hostess come out with the tray, but instead of telling your guests to study the tray suggest that they should pay close attention to the person with the tray. Most will assume that you are referring to the items on the tray. Once the hostess leaves, she should remain out of the room. Now pass out pen and paper, but instead of the items on the tray ask your guests question about the hostess herself. What color is her nail polish? Do her shoes have heels or are they flats? Does she have on a bracelet? Is her skirt above or below her knee? Come up with ten or more questions, whoever gets the most correct wins.