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Cupid Bingo

Materials Needed

  • Printed out cards  CUPID cards
  • A small bag
  • Kisses, M&Ms,  or another small chocolate or candy
  • Numbered small paper squares
  • A classic game for Valentine’s Day played exactly like the traditional game BINGO but it is CUPID instead.


    Simply make or print out cards with a 5 x 5 box square and CUPID printed across the top instead of BINGO. In the center square you can black it out, print “Free” or use a red heart.  

    Set number ranges for each letter and make small pieces of paper with each number and corresponding letter.  Number the cards randomly yet make sure to balance that that each number is represented equally and only use the numbers you have assigned to each letter in the column under that letter.  

    Pass the cards out to the guests and provide several small bowls with Kisses or M&Ms for them to cover the numbers called on their cards. Put all the numbers in a small bag and have someone not playing the game draw the numbers and call them out making sure to keep the numbers available to check the cards once CUPID is called.  Once someone gets five in a row(or whatever BINGO variation you chose) they call out “CUPID!” and win a prize.