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“Dice Before Christmas” Gift Exchange Game

This is a variation of the “Greedy Santa Gift Exchange Dice Game” we have listed, but everyone gets a gift.


Take all the exchange gifts and place them in a pile in the center of the room.

Have the participants sit in a circle, then hand out a one pair of dice (if you have a large group you can use two or three pairs to speed things up). Each person will roll the dice once per turn, trying to get a pair. If they roll a pair the person takes a gift from the pile (don’t open it!) and then passes the dice to the next person, they are now done rolling. If they do NOT roll a pair they do nothing and just pass the dice. This continues around and around the group, skipping those who have already rolled a pair, until everyone has 1 gift and all the presents are taken.

After all the gifts are gone from the pile everyone should open their gifts and shows the rest of the group. Now comes the fun!

Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and everyone starts rolling the dice again just as before, only this time when someone gets a pair they get to trade their gift with any of the other players.

When the time is up it is the end of the game and everyone gets to keep the presents they have.

Double Sixes/Safe Gift Rules

There are a couple rules you can choose to add to this game.
The Double Sixes Rule: If you roll a double six during the trading phase of the game the player can trade with anyone they choose AND that gift is now “safe” and their’s too keep.
Safe Gift Rule: If a gift is traded 3 times it is considered “safe” and can not be traded for again. Basically it is the third trader’s gift to keep.