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Dinner with Santa

Materials Needed

  • 2 Teams of players
  • This game is similar to other games like “Sausage”, but is more festive. Perfect for an office party, too.


    Break your guests up into two teams and have them stand or sit together on opposite sides of the room.

    There are two ways to play; a shorter game and a longer game.

    Longer Game: Have the people on the first team take turns and ask one person on the other team a simple question (e.g. “What do you eat your dinner with?” or “What do you want for Christmas?”). The other person is only allowed to answer the question with one of 3 words; “a candy cane”, “chestnuts”, or “figgy pudding” and they can not laugh, giggle or smile when doing it.

    The answering team gets a point for each question they answer without smiling or laughing. If they do laugh or giggle, their team’s turn ends and the answering team now gets to ask the opposing team questions until someone on their team laughs, and then it switches again. This goes back and forth until everyone has had a chance to ask a question. The team with the most points after everyone has asked questions wins.

    Shorter Game: This works the same as the longer version, but instead of going until everyone has asked a question, have the first team ask questions until the other team laughs or giggles, then switch. Have the second team ask questions until the other team laughs or giggles and then end the game and add up the points.

    The turns can end pretty quickly, sometimes after 2 or 3 questions if they get naughty, so the game can end very fast. Play two or three shorter games and add up the full totals if it’s too short.

    This is a great game for adults and office parties, since most adults will laugh at the innuendos pretty quickly.