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Don’t Say “Christmas”

Materials Needed

  • Tokens, jingle bells, clothes pins or some other easily worn and removed item
  • The Taboos and Tokens game has become very popular recently and for good reason. It is a game that is easily adjusted to fit any party theme and can be played throughout the party even while playing other games. It is a great game to start at the beginning of the Christmas party to get that competitive spirit flowing.


    Pick a word that is taboo to say.  Christmas is commonly used but you can choose any word that is likely to be said repeatedly at your Christmas party. For example Santa, present, and tree could also work. Tell all the party guests the taboo word and pass out a token to each guests. With smaller parties consider giving each guest more than one token.

    For tokens clothes pins work very well since that are easy to clip on and take and will not damage anyone’s Christmas outfits. If you are the crafty type you can decorate the clothes pins to match the Christmas theme. Some people prefer using a small Christmas themed object on a string or ribbon like a plastic ornament or candy cane. Your guests can keep these tokens around their neck and remove it should they say the taboo word.

    Now just continue with your party normally but, whenever a guest says the taboo word the first person to call them out gets the token from the guest that said the taboo word. This continues until near the end of the party when the person who has collected the most tokens is declared the winner and awarded a prize.