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Dumb Football Charades

Materials Needed

  • A victim with a good sense of humor
  • This this is a great game to get everyone laughing and loose but keep in mind that this Super Bowl party game does have a fall guy so make sure you pick someone with a good sense of humor as your victim.


    Set the party up to play a real game of charades but at the last minute have an ally convince the victim to leave the room for a minute. While they are gone let the rest of the guests in on the prank. Tell them all the word the victim is going to get as the first player, cheerleader works perfectly. Then when your victim returns start the game normally with him getting the first word.

    The prank is that all of the other guests have been told to guess anything under the sun other than cheerleader. Let the victim mime cheers and jumps and dance moves until he is worn out while other guest shout out an endless string of incorrect guesses. Eventually you can let him off the hook, but not before some great party laughs.

    Optionally you can of course play a real game of charades afterwards. If so here are some suggested football themed secret words:

    Foam Finger
    50 yard line
    Goal Post
    Football Hall of Fame
    1st quarter
    Replay official