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Easter Hop-stacle Course Race

Materials Needed

  • Orange cones or similar items to mark the course.
  • Obstacles to jump over.
  • One of the best aspects of this game is the flexibility to adjust the difficulty level for party guests of all ages. It is just an added bonus that you get to watch a bunch of people hop around.


    This game is simple, the players hop their way through a course to the finish line. But, it does require some set up time and for most parties you are going to want to change the course a few times so all ages of guests can compete.

    For Young Kids: Set up a simple course with one or two turns and a short distance between the start and finish line.

    For Older Kids: Add a few turns as well as a few obstacles to hop over on a longer course.

    For Teens and Adults: Make the course a nightmare with numerous turns, stairs or a steep hill to hop up, tall obstacles to hop over, anything you can imagine.

    While it does take some time, it is rare to have one active game that can challenge all of your party guests. Be sure to reward the winner at each skill level with a prize.