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Easter Bunny Left/Right Story

($$$) This is a FREE game

The Left/Right story game is a well known activity that is easy to setup and play for any age. All you need is one copy of the “Easter Bunny Left/Right Story” and at least one prize for winners. Best of all, no one will know who will end up the winner until the very last second so it’s exciting.


Print out one copy of the Easter left/right story. Have all your guests stand or sit in a circle, just make sure they are close enough to pass to each other.

Give one player a wrapped gift for passing. You can also have multiple winners by handing out more than one token to be passed at the same time. 3 or 4 prizes going around the circle can be very exciting. If your prize is too heavy, fragile, or awkward to pass, you can also use a token of some kind instead (like a small plastic egg, a flower, or a chocolate bunny) and hand out the prize at the end. The gift can be anything, but it should be fun as it will end up being the prize for the winner at the end.

When your guests are ready the story should then be read. The hostess is usually the “Story teller”, but anyone can do it. Every time the story teller says “right” the prize is passed to the right, when they say “left” the prize is passed left. The person holding the prize (or token) at the end of the story is the winner and gets the prize!

To make it much more fun, and funny, have the story teller read the story really fast without stopping to let the players catch up. This will make it a mad dashed passing of the prize that will have people in stitches.