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Frozen T-Shirt Contest

Materials Needed

  • A t-shirt for each player
  • A Ziploc bag for each t-shirt
  • On a hot summer day, putting on an icy t-shirt might sound like a good idea to your party guests. If they knew how difficult it was going to be they might change their mind.


    The prep time and materials required for this game can be demanding, but the good part is that it is very easy to play at your party once all of that preliminary work has been completed.

    The Set Up: You are going to need one t-shirt for every guest that plays the game. Submerge the t-shirts in water until completely saturated, then wring them out so that they are wet but not dripping much water. Fold each t-shirt like you normally would and then roll them up as tightly as you can. Put each shirt in a large Ziploc bag then place them all in your freezer. Allow them to freeze for two days.

    A note on difficultly: You can adjust how difficult it will be to wear the t-shirts. If you wring out almost all of the water before freezing it will be easy. If you do not wring the shirt out at all, leaving it sopping wet before freezing it will be very difficult.

    The Rules: Give each player a t-shirt still in the Ziploc bag. When the game starts they remove the shirt from the bag and attempt to wear it. They are not allowed to put it under water, heat it up or manipulate it in any way except by using their own bodies. The first person to wear their t-shirt is the winner.