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Greedy Santa Gift Exchange Dice Game

This is a variation of the “Dice Before Christmas” Gift Exchange Game” we have listed, but includes “Greedy” rules which makes it a bit more crazy.

This is really a gift exchange made for a certain type of crowd, but if your group takes to this type of competition it can be a very fun and crazy exchange to have. Just make sure everyone is aware of the “Greedy” rules ahead of time so they can make a choice to participate or not.


Take all the gift exchange gifts and place them in a pile in the center of the room.

Have the participants sit in a circle, then hand out a one pair of dice (if you have a large group you can use two or three pairs to speed things up). Each person will roll the dice once per turn, trying to get a pair. If they roll a pair the person takes a gift from the pile (don’t open it!) and then passes the dice to the next person. If they do NOT roll a pair they do nothing and just pass the dice. This continues around and around the group until all the presents are taken. Now the greedy part comes in because a player can take as many presents as pairs they’ve rolled. So at this point some people will have a bunch of gifts, others may have no gifts.

After all the gifts are gone from the pile everyone should open their gifts and shows the rest of the group. Now comes the fun!

Set a timer 10-15 minutes and start everyone rolling the dice again just as before, only this time when someone gets a pair they get to “steal” a gift from one of the other players.

When the time is up it is the end of the game and everyone gets to keep the presents they have. This means some people could have a ton of gifts, others could have none (told you it was greedy).

This works very well with the “Dollar Store Santa Gift Exchange” because the gifts only cost a dollar so not getting a gift back is not so bad. Also a good one to play with the “Christmas Spirits” exchange since everyone can share their drink gifts at the party and everyone wins anyways.

You can have a few inexpensive “boobie prize” presents for anyone who does not get a gift so they do not feel left out.