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Guess the Groom’s Guns

Materials Needed

  • A blindfold
  • An open-minded bride and groom
  • In this case “guns” refers to the arm muscles of the guys. Of course if you are having a redneck wedding it could be a completely different game.


    With this coed or couples bridal shower game you can see how well the bride knows her groom as she must identify him while blindfolded only feeling his arm muscle.

    The Setup: Unbeknownst to the bride, recruit some of the men at your shower to show off their biceps to the bride. Ideally, you would pick gentlemen that are of a similar build to the groom. When you are ready to play, blindfold the bride.

    The Rules: Assign each of your gentleman volunteers and the groom a number starting with number one. In order, have them stand in front of the bride and make a muscle with the their arm. It is a good idea to have them pull up their sleeves so the bride cannot get clues from the shirts they are wearing. Guide the hands of the blindfolded bride to the exposed biceps and let her feel around only the upper arm area. Once she has had a chance to examine the guns of all of the guys let her take off her blindfold and guess the number of the fellow that was her groom. If she is right, she wins a prize. If she is wrong she might have some explaining to do.

    Turnabout is Fair Play: You can play the game in reverse with the blindfolded groom trying to guess the bride by touching the calves of some of the ladies at the bridal shower.