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The Happy Couple Word Scramble

Materials Needed

  • A computer and printer
  • A stopwatch or clock
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • This challenging word game has an easy setup and a quick play time as well as a touching theme.


    In a marriage, two people join together and create something new. With the Happy Couple Word Scramble game you join the names of the bride and groom and see what your guests can create.

    The Setup: Print the first name of the bride and groom in large letters on the top of sheets of paper(ex. Richard and Emily). If the first names have few letters you and you want to give your shower guests more options you can also add the groom’s last name(ex. Richard and Emily Wilson). Give each guest one of the game sheets as well as a pen.

    The Rules: Give the players eight minutes to write down as many words as they can come up with using only the letters in the names of the bride and groom. All words must be at least four letters and the singular and plural of a word both count. If the letter appears once in the names it can only be used once in the answer word.

    After the eight minutes is up the guests are awarded one point for a four letter word, two points for five letters, three for six and so on. Words related to weddings count double points, so for example with Richard and Emily you could find the word “maid” as in Maid of Honor for double points. Have the guests add up all of their points and the person with the most is the winner.