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Horseshoes Tournament

Materials Needed

  • Two stakes
  • Four horseshoes(two of each color)
  • A sign-up sheet
  • A pen
  • A tournament bracket
  • This simple and enjoyable game is not only fun for your guests, but since it is a classic Fourth of July game it also adds a timeless element to your event.


    People have been playing Horseshoes at parties in America since before it was America. If you set up the stakes and leave the horseshoes on the ground your guests are sure to start playing friendly games on their own. If you feel that is enough for your party you can just let the guests play at their leisure, but if you want to take it to the next level set up a Horseshoes tournament.

    The Set Up: Drive two stakes into the ground about 40 feet apart and place four horseshoes(two of each color) on the ground next to one of the stakes. Announce that there will be a Horseshoes Tournament and give the guests a signup sheet to pass around. When everyone who wants to play has signed up, fill out a single elimination tournament bracket. If you want help with the bracket, is a super easy, fast and free way to get a printable bracket custom made for your number of players.

    The Rules: To start the tournament announce the two participants in the first match of the first round and get them playing. Limit each game to four innings(turns) with one point for each ringer and if there are no ringers for an inning the horseshoe closest to the stake gets one point. When that match ends move on to the next until all first round matches are complete. The winner is responsible for informing you that they have moved on to the next round. Play out the second round, the third, etc until you have your Horseshoes Grand Champion.

    For Kids: If you have a large number of young guests you can move the stakes much closer together and have a kids only tournament.