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Hot Bouquet

Materials Needed

  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Ribbon or something else to secure the bouquet
  • Music
  • (optional): A Vase
  • This straightforward game has music, flowers, a lot of action and a prize included. What more could want out of a bridal shower game?


    Played just like the traditional game Hot Potato, the guests pass around a bouquet of flowers until the music stops.

    The Setup: Make a bouquet of lovely flowers and be sure to wrap it tightly with ribbon to keep it together while the guests are passing it around. When you are ready to play, have your shower guests stand in a circle and give the bouquet to a someone for the start of the game.

    The Rules: Play music and have the guests start passing the bouquet around the circle. Face away from the circle and at a random point stop the music. The guest that is holding the bouquet when the music stops is out of the game and must leave the circle. Start the music again and repeat until only one guest remains. The last guest standing is the winner and gets the bouquet as a prize.

    Add a Vase (optional): When you give the bouquet to the winner, put the flowers in a nice vase with some water. So the winner also gets a vase as part of her prize!