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How Many Kisses?

Materials Needed

  • A lot of Hershey kisses
  • A big jar
  • pens or pencils
  • multiple slips of paper
  • a box to keep the guesses
  • It has been said that “k-i-s-s” stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. That is a perfect way to describe this fun get easy Valentine party game.


    Get a big jar and fill it with Hershey kisses making sure to count them as you go. You can decorate the jar with ribbons, Valentine themed stickers, permanent markers; whatever you like. Just make sure that you do not cover up too much of the jar since guests are going to want to pick it up and look at it to try and estimate the number of Kisses.

    Provide pen and paper and allow each guest one attempt at guessing the number if Kisses in the jar by writing down their guess and name on a slip of paper and placing it in a box next to your jar on a table. Optionally you can decorate the box as well. Near the end of the party open the box and whoever was closest in their estimate wins the jar of Kisses as a prize.