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I Remember When…

Materials Needed

  • 3x5 index cards
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • I Remember When… is a great icebreaker to play early at your bridal shower since it gives the guests a chance to learn about the relationship of other guests with the bride.


    The stories you hear about the bride are what makes this game great. Be prepared to pause the game if the bride and guests are enjoying a particular story. You can start the game up again once the discussion slows down.

    The Setup: Pass out 3×5 cards and a pen to each bridal shower guest. Ask them to write down a brief description of a special memory they have of time spent with the bride. The story can be heart-warming, outrageous, funny, surprising, pretty much anything as long as it is not something that could make the bride uncomfortable on her special day. For example: “I remember when Stacy(bride’s name) and I told our parents we were going to a slumber party and went to a concert instead”. Once all of the shower guests have finished, collect the 3×5 cards and give each guest a blank piece of paper. Assign a number to each story so you can keep track of the answers later.

    The Rules: Read each story in numbered order to your bridal shower. The guests must write down the story number and their best guess as to who wrote that story. Once you have read all of the 3×5 cards and the guests have all of their answers go back to the first story. Ask the person who wrote the story to reveal themselves and(with the help of the bride) share the whole tale with the bridal shower. When all stories have been read the person who correctly guessed the most authors is the winner.