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Last Year’s Bogus Resume

Materials Needed

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • A bowl
  • This game is a modified version of the popular game Two Truths and a Lie, adapted for a New Year’s Eve party by only allowing truths from the previous year.


    Challenge your guests to write a short resume from the previous year and like most real resumes it will not all be truthful. Last Year’s Bogus Resume is a great way to get guests talking about what has been going on in their lives the past year as the new year approaches.

    The Set Up: It is time for the guests to write their resumes. Provide slips of paper and pens for each New Years Eve party guest. Ask them to write down their name, two true things about themselves that took place that year(the previous 365 days) as well as one lie. The truths and the lie should be something surprising, bizarre or interesting that the other party guests would not expect. Keep the answers short and to the point, any extra information will help the other guests. For example; “I met a Russian pop star” or “I ate chocolate covered crickets”.

    People often draw a blank when trying to think of interesting truths so here are a few suggestions you can share with them to hopefully inspire an idea:

    A place you went
    Someone you met
    An award or accomplishment
    Something crazy you saw
    Were you ticketed? arrested?
    Were you in the newspaper? on television?
    A bizarre food you ate
    Something odd you purchased
    An embarrassing moment
    A funny incident with a child or pet.

    Once everyone is done have them fold their resumes and place them in a bowl.

    The Rules: Draw one of the resumes from the bowl and read all three statements aloud. Have each guest write down who they think wrote that resume(just for fun, no points awarded). Once they are done, reveal the true author who will then read aloud all three statements again and ask the guests to write down the one they think is a lie. Correct guesses earn two points and incorrect guesses are one point each for the author. Once all of the business of the game is complete the author explains the truths and tells any funny or interesting associated stories.

    When the discussion slows down, draw another resume from the bowl and repeat the process. When the bowl is empty and all of the resumes have been read, the person with the most points is declared the winner.

    Allow Plenty of Time: Be aware that this is not a quick game. The set up will take around ten minutes and you should expect an additional five minutes per player for each round. The payoff is easily worth the time and effort since the stories your guests tell about their truths can be the highlight of the party.