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Left/Right Exchange Game

A left/right poem is one of the easiest ways to do a holiday gift exchange since there is no “stealing” or “grabbing” confusion to deal with.


Get a copy of any “left/right poem” that you would like to read (see below). Print out one copy of the left/right poem of your choice and have your group sit in a circle holding the gifts they brought for the exchange.

Read the poem to the players and when you say LEFT each person passes their gift to the person on their left; when you say RIGHT, the players pass the gifts to the right. When the story is finished the gift the guest is holding is their’s to keep.

You can read this at any speed, but the faster you read it the funnier and more crazy it becomes, so judge for yourself the way you want the game to go.

Free Printable Version

We have a couple versions in our printable games section; RIGHT family Christmas Poem or LEFT/RIGHT Night Before Christmas Poem. Grab one you like and enjoy.