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Mend the Broken Heart (Kids)

Materials Needed

  • Red contruction paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear adhesive tape
  • A cute Valentine party game for kids that can be adjusted in difficulty level and conveys an important message.


    Take several pieces of red construction paper and cut out identical hearts. You can decorate the hearts, but if you do be sure to keep them as close to carbon copies of each other as possible. If you can printout multiple copies of the same heart on construction paper that works even better.

    Next you are going to cut the hearts and this is where you need to adjust the level of difficulty based on the kids. For younger children cut the heart in half with a wide zig-zag line that is easy to recognize and differentiated. You can raise the level of difficulty by making the cut more refined and difficult to recognize. If you have older kids then consider cutting the hearts into thirds or even quarters to raise the difficulty level even further.

    Take all of the pieces and mix them up, then pass them out one to a child. Now turn the kids loose and have them try to find the person with the their respective piece so they can fix the broken heart on Valentine’s Day. Once they find their partner have them tape the heart back together and award prizes to all the kids as they finish.

    Afterwards you might consider explaining to the kids that there will be times in their lives when family members or loved ones are sad, they have a broken heart. When that happens it is important try and help them mend their broken heart.