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Mending A Broken Heart Game (Adult)

Materials Needed

  • Red contruction paper
  • Scissors
  • Two baskets for bowls.
  • A great Valentine party game to use as an Ice-Breaker or if you want to try your hand at matching making your guests(or even yourself).


    Cut hearts out of red construction paper and then decorate them paying close attention to keeping the hearts as close to identical as possible. Now cut each heart in half with a unique random a zig-zag and separate each half into a different basket. As guests arrive let the singles take a heart half from the basket designated for their gender and challenge them to find the person with the other half. Or…

    The Matchmaker Method

    Before the party make a list of the single guests that you expect at your Valentine party. Play matchmaker and try and pair the guests with a great match. During the party pass out the heart halves to the appropriate singles and encourage them to mend the broken heart by finding the other half.

    Be Careful!

    The last thing you want at your Valentine party is a single guest wandering around looking for a match that does not exist. It is downright depressing to even consider. Be sure to take steps to make sure you do not have more hearts than single guests.  It is far better to not give a guest a heart half than to give them one that does not have a match.