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“The Mind Reader” Game

($$$) This is a FREE game

Players will be competing to see who is the best mind-reader as they try to “read the mind” of the “test subject” and match his answers. Halloween is about magic and fun, so why not add a little of both with this unique printable game your guests will love.


Print out one game sheet for each player, and one for the person who will be the “test subject”, and hand them out with pencils or pens.

As the game begins choose a “test subject” and have him or her move away from the others so no one sees his game card as he is filling it out (his answers will be the answer key). Ask your guests to finish the Halloween phrases on the sheet, trying to match what the test subject will answer. For example: “Spider _______” Is he thinking Spider Leg? Spider Web? or maybe Spider Man?

After everyone has filled in their answers have the test subject read off his answers to the group, if the other players match his answer exactly they get a point. For a few extra laughs, have the other players read some of their “wrong” answers, you will be surprised what some people answer with.

This is a great printable game for both adults and kids, and can be played multiple times just by changing the “test subject.”