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Name That Cake

Materials Needed

  • 8-10 cakes, each with a different flavor
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Yummy cakes are a great addition to any bridal shower, but why just serve it when you can make it a game?


    This game requires a lot of time for baking the cakes or money if you buy them. But keep in mind that this is not only a game, but is also part of the food you are serving at your bridal shower. So if you have a separate budget for food and games you can split the costs between the two.

    The Setup: The goal is to have a cake table with 8-10 different flavored cakes, all with at least enough bite-sized portions for each guest to try each cake. There are a few way you can accomplish your goal. You can bake the cakes yourself and/or buy the cakes. You can have mini-cupcakes, cut up pieces of a small cake, cake balls or a combination of the three.

    Some of the cakes can be simple like chocolate or angel food cake, but be sure to also include more complex flavors to challenge your guest’s pallets. You can add icing or filling to the cakes to make the game a little more difficult for your guests. Once you have your cakes, set them out on a table and assign a number each one.

    The Rules: The guests sample each cake and secretly write down the number of the cake and their guess of the flavor. If the cake has icing and/or filling they also try to guess that flavor. Once all of the bridal shower guests have finished their guesses allow them some time to just enjoy the delicious cakes without worrying about the game. When everyone has had their fill, reveal the correct flavors and the guests are awarded one point for each accurate guess of cake flavor, icing and filling. The person with the most points is the Name That Cake winner.

    The Prank Cake (optional): If you want to have a little fun with your bridal shower guests, make one cake that is a combination of many types of flavors. The idea is not for it to be gross, but for it to be completely impossible for them to determine the flavor. You can award a surprise second prize for the funniest guess for the flavor of the prank cake.