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Name That Spice

Materials Needed

  • 10 herbs or spices
  • 10 small bowls
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Spice up your bridal shower with the fun game that challenges the culinary knowledge of your guests.


    Name That Spice is a must have addition for any kitchen themed bridal shower, but is also a quick and easy game to include in any shower since you just have to grab some spices and bowls.

    The Setup: Select a total of ten herbs and spices and put a small sample of each in a bowl. You want to include some that will be relatively simple like cinnamon, oregano or curry as well as some that will be difficult like cumin or tarragon. Place your spice bowls in a row on a table and label each with a number from 1-10 so the guests can number their guesses. Pass out pens and paper to everyone.

    The Rules: The shower guests are allowed to smell and look at the spices but not touch or taste them. When they are ready, they write down the number of the spice and their guess as to which spice is in the bowl. When all of the guests have finished with all of the spices reveal the correct answers, the person who got the most right wins.

    Increase the Difficulty: If you really want to challenge your bridal shower guests, cover the spice bowls with aluminum foil and poke a few holes in it. That way the guest can only smell the spices. But be warned, even kitchens divas can have a hard time playing Name That Spice with only their noses to help them out.