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Pancake Eating Contest

Materials Needed

  • At least one pancakes per player
  • What could be better than a pancake eating contest on Pancake Day?


    Since Mardi Gras is also commonly known as Pancake Day, why not have a pancake eating contest? Not only will it be a fun and competitive event at your party, but in many cases getting a little extra food in the stomachs of the guests celebrating with an adult beverage is not a bad idea.

    The Set Up: Before the Mardi Gras party, make enough large pancakes so that there is at least one per party guest. You want them large because this is not a contest of how many pancake they can eat, but how quickly they can each one pancake. Roll the pancakes and wrap them with wax paper.

    The Rules: This is a back to basics game with no forks, knifes, plates, butter or syrup. Hand each participant a pancake wrapped in a piece of wax paper. Have the pancake eaters stand in a row at the ready and countdown 1, 2, 3, GO! The goal is to eat the pancake as fast as possible. The first person to finish their pancake and open their mouth to prove it is all swallowed is the winner and gets a reward.