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Play a Game of Football

Materials Needed

  • a football
  • Watching football has become a traditional part of a Thanksgiving party for many Americans. Why not get your guests outside and playing football as well? Help them work off all of those calories with an exciting game of touch football.


    The first order of business is to divide your guests up into teams. If you think you have a good idea of the athletic ability of your guests and how to balance the sides you can pick teams beforehand. If not, pick two captains and have them select their own teams in an alternating draft. The important part is that both teams end up with a balance of talent.

    Mark off a field in a large open area that has been cleared of any rocks, sticks or anything that might cause someone to twist an ankle. One team gets the ball to start and they have four downs, if they complete two passes they get a first down and four new downs. It is usually best to not allow running plays at all. If a team fails to score or get a first down after four plays the other teams gets the ball. Keep playing until one team scores five times or for an specified amount of time.