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Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Materials Needed

  • A Halloween candy bag for each guest
  • At least 6-8 pumpkins per guest
  • (Optional) Candy or small toys to award as prizes for pumpkins found
  • It is no trick when you treat the kids at your party to an Easter egg hunt styled game with the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt. It will only take a few moments to explain the rules, kids know how this game works.


    The rules of this game are exactly the same as an Easter egg hunt, except that you use pumpkins instead of eggs and Halloween candy bags instead of baskets. Hide the pumpkins around the house or outside in the yard. If the Halloween party guests are young kids make it very easy and increase the difficult of the hiding spots accordingly for older kids. It is a good idea to have prizes of sweets or small toys that the kids can get when they turn in the pumpkins they have found after the hunt. Having one or two special pumpkins that award a larger prize is a fun option.

    That is the easy part, the more difficult decision is what to use for pumpkins. If the budget allows a great option is using actual miniature pumpkins. You can select from several different colored pumpkins and have each award a prize from a different prize pool. But particularly if you are going to have a lot of kids at your Halloween party this option can get expensive quickly. Another option is to use inexpensive plastic novelty pumpkins which can be found at most party supply stores around Halloween. If you are feeling crafty you can make pumpkins out of construction paper and either decorate them yourself or add a fun craft to your Halloween party by providing crayons or colored makers and letting the kids decorate the pumpkins before the hunt.