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Red, White or Blue Circle Game

Materials Needed

  • A circle of players
  • There are thousands of things that are red, white or blue, how hard could it be? Give it a try, you might be surprised. Here is a hint, blue is not that easy.


    While this game works perfectly fine outdoors, it is a great option if bad weather forces your party inside or if you just want a less active activity to help settle the kids down.

    The Set Up: Have your players sit in a circle and randomly select one of them to start the game.

    The Rules: The person you select to go first says something that is red, like an apple. It can be a single word or a short phrase. Then the person to their left(clockwise) says something white, like vanilla ice cream. The person to their left then says something blue, like the sky. The fourth person must say something red and the cycle repeats.

    If anyone says something that is not the right color, repeats an item someone said previously or cannot come up with anything to say in five seconds they are eliminated from the game and must leave the circle. The game continues with the person to the left of the player that is now out starting a new round by saying something red. Keeping playing until only one player remains who is the winner.