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Materials Needed

  • A player who can wink
  • This game is really simple game many might have played in school, and it’s really fun for kids. Anyone playing will need to be able to wink in order to play the “Slasher”, but most kids old enough to play can wink.

    Have the players sit in a circle and have them close their eyes. Have one person who is not playing walk around the circle and silently, without anyone else knowing, tap one player on the shoulder, this person is the Slasher. The players can then open their eyes.

    When everyone has their eyes open they should be looking at each other to try to figure out who the slasher is. The slasher will need to wink at different players (one at a time) in the circle without anyone else but the selected player seeing the wink. That player has just been murdered by the slasher. When a player has been winked at, he or she should make a big dramatic effort of dying (this is the best part of the game, people really get into it sometimes).

    The object of the game is for the other players to guess who the killer is before they get killed themselves. Whichever player guesses the identity of the killer first, or is the last person not dead becomes the next “Slasher”. This is a great Halloween type game and since there is no need for props or setup it can be played anytime or anywhere.

    Dead Man’s Guts

    Materials Needed

    For "A Post Mortem Hallowe'en"
  • Copy of "A Hallowe'en Post Mortem" (here)
  • A head of cauliflower/broccoli or sponge strips tied together (a Brain)
  • A piece of corn silk or piece of fur (for hair)
  • A dried peach or apricot (an ear)
  • Kernels of dried corn (for teeth)
  • A boiled & cooled manicotti shell (for a windpipe)
  • A rubber glove, filled with wet sand or wet oatmeal (a severed hand)
  • Skinned Grapes (for eyeballs)
  • 12 Empty thread spools strung together on a string (a spine)
  • Small piece of chain
  • Materials Needed

    For "Poor Joe"
  • Copy of "Poor Joe" (here)
  • A rubber glove, filled with wet sand or wet oatmeal (a severed hand)
  • 10 Small carrots (for toes)
  • A Wig
  • A head of cauliflower/broccoli or sponge strips tied together (a Brain)
  • A dried peach or apricot (an ear)
  • Skinned Grapes (for eyeballs)
  • A quarter red pepper, or raw hot dog cut in half lengthwise (for a tongue)
  • A peeled tomato (for a heart)
  • This will require a bit of pre-planning to get all the “guts” together, but shouldn’t take too long. Choose your story, either Charles F. Smith’s circa-1930s “A Hallowe’en Post Mortem,” which he wrote for the Boy Scouts (it was created for this type of prank) or the story “Poor Joe” (another good choice). Place each item for the story in a bowl or a small craft box large enough so the guest can reach inside and feel the item.

    Seat your guests in a darkened room. The room should be very dark, so using a flashlight to read the story will be helpful, as well as add to the eerie atmosphere. For older kids you can have the guests all be blindfolded instead, this will usually make it a bit more exciting for them.

    Have each person sit around a table or in a circle so the “guts” can be passed easily from one to the other. When everyone is in place have the narrator start the story, speaking in a quiet, spooky tone as they read. As each verse is told have the storyteller pause and pass around the associated “remains” so that each guest can touch and feel them. When everyone has had a turn move on to the next verse.

    You can add additional “remains” at the end of the tale if you like, or expand your story to include other “organs.” Try using cold, cooked spaghetti for more guts; or shriveled and dried carrots for old fingers. After you read the original story pass the extras to your guests and have them try to guess which “body part” it is.

    This is one storytelling your guests will really get a kick out of, and even the bravest of the bunch will squeal once or twice!

    Click here to get a copy of the both stories and Full Setup Directions Now >>

    Ouija Board Game

    Materials Needed

    A Ouija board

    When most people think of a Ouija board they imagine the mass produced game from Parker Bothers. While that game will certainly work, there are now many other Ouija boards available with options like a built in light or glow in the dark board. Select any board you wish, but keep in mind that the whole point of the Ouija board is to sell the Halloween experience and having a nifty board that people have not seen before helps create the spooky atmosphere.

    To use the Ouija board you need at least two people sitting facing the board and touching the planchette (the pointer). One person asks the board a question and then hopefully the spirits will move the planchette across the board to answer the question. There are no winners and loser in this game, just good natured fun that fits in perfectly with Halloween.

    Be warned that while most people will accept the Ouija board game as a fun experiment with the paranormal, some people might be uncomfortable or even scared. Make sure you have an area available to people who do not want to participate.

    Bloody Mary Photo Op

    Materials Needed

  • a candle
  • a lighter or matches
  • a dark bathroom with a mirror
  • a camera
  • The Bloody Mary game is traditionally preceded by a horrific tale of the origins of how Mary was trapped in the mirror. There are countless different versions of the tale but the most popular is the story of Mary Worth.

    Many years ago Mary Worth was found guilty of being a witch by the members of her small town in England. Instead of simply killing her for her supposed crimes they forced her to look at her herself in a mirror while they slowly killed her through a series of small cuts so that she would have to look upon the shame of her actions as she died. After this torture had gone on for hours her father broke through the people killing his daughter and stabbed her in the heart to end her suffering but by doing so trapped her soul in the mirror. Mary waits in the mirror hoping that someone who truly believes in her will one day call her soul from the mirror so that she can move on to the afterlife.

    Two people go into a bathroom that has had its windows completely covered so no light can get through and they shut the door. They turn the water on in the sink just a little bit so that there is a steady dripping sound. One person lights a candle, turns off the light and holds the candle in one hand and touches the mirror with the other hand. The second person stands behind first with a camera focused on their reflection in the mirror. Both people look into the mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” slowly thirteen times. After the last chant the person with the camera snaps a picture(or multiple pictures if the camera is capable) of the two of them in the mirror.

    Once all guests that wish to participate have had a turn in the bathroom, go through the pictures and look for orbs of light or ghostly images.

    Mass Grave

    Materials Needed

  • a large dark area with places to hide
  • Explain to your party guests that for the purposes of this game one of them has been infected with a deadly, highly contagious virus and has until the count of 50 to live. Establish a large space outside with boundaries as the play area. The infected guest takes off in search of a hiding place while the remaining guests cover their eyes and slowly count to 50. Once the infected person reaches their hiding place they lay down and are considered dead.

    When the count is finished the other players must split up and search for their sick friend. When one of the guests finds the hider they are instantly infected with the virus and must quietly lay down next to the original infected person and die beside them. This continues until the last person finds the others in their mass grave at which point the late comer is declared the loser and serves as the hider in the next round of the game.

    Tip: This game is much better when played at night in a large area outside with as many lights as possible turned off.