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Sealed With a Kiss

Materials Needed

  • Several tubes of bright lipstick
  • Printed photos of celebrities (optional)
  • 3x5 cards or paper (optional)
  • Every love letter is sealed with a kiss, and for Valentine’s Day the best one wins! A simple game with a couple variations to best fit your party.


    Have your guests apply brightly colored lipstick and kiss a 3×5 card, sheet of paper, or even someone’s cheek. When everyone is done putting their “Best Smooch” forward, vote on them! You can select a “Messiest Kiss” winner, the “Tiniest Kiss” winner, the “Biggest Kiss” winner, or just a “Top Pucker” winner.

    For Couples

    If your party is all or mostly couples, have the girls heavily apply a brightly colored lipstick and then kiss their husband or boyfriend somewhere and leave a sexy lip print. You can also encourage the men to participate by putting on the lipstick and kissing their wives orĀ girlfriendsĀ for added fun.

    Mostly Singles

    If your party has a lot of single guests then try printing out pictures of popular stars for them to kiss or alternatively print out pictures of people they might not be too excited about kissing.