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Singing Reindeer Game

Materials Needed

  • A pair of pantyhose for each team.
  • 8-10 balloons per team.
  • This is a very funny game to play with adults or kids. Great for office parties, family gatherings, or school parties, too.


    Split your players into teams. You will want about 4-8 people per team.

    Give each team 1 pair of pantyhose (not the support type since they are too tight to use), and give each player on the teams one balloon. If your teams are small (less than 5 or 6 people) give each player 2 balloons. You will want each team to have about 8-10 balloons between them.

    Then it’s time to start. On the “ready, set, go!” have each player blow up their balloons and put/shove them into the legs of their team’s pantyhose to make “reindeer antlers.” When the team has made the antlers, one team member must put the antlers on their head and sing the first verse of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Jingle Bells”, “Frosty the Snowman”…. whatever Christmas tune you choose.

    The first team to complete the task wins.

    For a fun party souvenir let each team finish their antlers and take a group picture with them on!