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A Smooch Off!

Materials Needed

  • Brightly colored lipstick
  • Sheets of paper or Celebrity Photos
  • How many smooches can you smooch in 30 seconds? Perfect for couples or singles, this game is bit of fun for everyone.


    Give each of your guests sheets of blank paper or paper with a silhouette of a face on it. Have each person (boys can do it, too!) apply a heavy layer of brightly colored lipstick. After everyone has applied their lipstick the race begins. When you say “go” have your guests kiss their paper as many times as they can in the allotted time, 30 seconds to 1 minute is good. When it is over the person with the most kisses on their paper wins!

    For Couples

    Have one of the couple’s apply the lipstick and, instead of paper, kiss the other person’s face instead! Whichever person has the most kisses on their face that couple wins. Just make sure you have some paper towels or washcloths for your guests to clean off their faces with after the game.

    Mostly Singles

    For singles parties both guys and gals can play! You can print out photos of celebrity hunks/cuties and have your guests kiss that instead of plain paper.