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Happy Spellentine’s Day Game

Materials Needed

  • a worksheet with Happy Valentine's Day written across the top and many spaces to write words
  • enough pens or pencils for each guest
  • Easy to play and fun for almost all ages, this simple Scrabble style game makes your guests put on their thinking caps in a fast pace spell off.


    Make printouts with “Happy Valentine’s Day” in large letters across the top of the page and many blank lines to write the answers. The object of the game is to write down as many words as possible in 5 minutes of 3 or more letters only using the letters from Happy Valentine’s Day. It is allowed to use letters appearing only once multiple times in your answer.

    You can give them a few examples like “ten, naval, last” or if there are kids playing just print a couple of examples in the first few lines of the printout to help the children understand. Make sure they have extra paper available just in case some of the Einsteins actually fill up the worksheet before the time limit is up. Award a prize to the person with the most words and optionally award prizes for other achievements like word with the most letters, word best related to Valentine’s Day, or the most creative word.