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Have a Spicy Valentine’s Day

Materials Needed

  • a spice rack or a lot of spices
  • paper
  • pens or pencils
  • tape
  • Stimulate the senses of your guests with this fun yet surprisingly challenging game which is sure to add spice to your Valentine party.


    There are two ways to handle the set up for this game. Choose which ever set up option works best for your party. The advantage of option one is that the spice rack can also serve as the prize for the winner of the game. The advantage of option two is that it is considerably cheaper since most people have enough spices already in their homes to play the game without further expense.

    Option One:

    Buy a spice rack and then cut out pieces of paper the right size to cover the labels so the guests cannot see the name of the spice. Tape the blank pieces of paper over the labels and then number each of the spices. Place the spices on a table.

    Option Two:

    Take 10-12 random herbs and spices and put them in small bowls. Use some easy spices that most everyone will know but also include some that are more difficult to guess. Designate a number for each bowl so the guests can record which one they are guessing. Then just line the bowls up on a table or tray.

    From this point forward the game is the same. Give each guest pen and paper and ask them to identify each spice by smelling and tasting them. Whichever guest gets the most correct answers wins.