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Steal My Heart Game

A fun Valentine Party game for the kids that is fast paced, competitive and in the end all the kids are happy since the walk away with candy.


Place a large bowl filled with Valentine conversation hearts or some other small heart shaped candy in the center of a table(preferably a round table). Setup the kids around the table making sure to allow a lot of wiggle room since the game can get pretty crazy. Each kid gets a set of chopsticks and the object of the game is for the kids to use only the chopstick to steal hearts from the bowl and place in a pile, paper plate or bowl in from of them. Set a time limit of 2-3 minutes and keep track of who steals the most hearts. Repeat the game until all the kids have played once. The winner gets a prize and all the kids win since they get to keep the hearts they steal.

-If you have some kids that just too young to use the chopsticks but still want to be included in the game, let them play with the same rules but using a small spoon.