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“Stocking Stuffers”

This game is really simple, can be done last minute if needed, and can be played as a “Door Prize” game, too.


Take a Christmas stocking and fill it with small presents/prizes and candies. Try to get a nice assortment of large and small gifts to make it interesting. Feel free to wrap each gift also, if you like, then the winner will have extra fun unwrapping them, too.

Give each player a slip of paper and a pen or pencil. Pass the stocking around for guests to look at, making sure to tape or pin the stocking closed so no one peeks. After everyone has had a chance to feel the stocking have them write down on the slip of paper how many gifts they think is inside it. The person with the closest guess wins the stocking!

You can also play this as a door prize game. Set up a small table or area with slips of paper, pens and the “Stuffed Stocking.” As your guests arrive have them look at it and write down how many gifts they think is inside. At the end of the party announce the winner and they get to take home the filled stocking.

If there is a tie you can have a “tie breaker” round. Have the tied players taking turns naming one thing they think is inside the stocking. The first one who guesses an item inside wins.