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Super Bowl Who Am I?

Materials Needed

  • Enough adhesive back stickers for every guest
  • Looking for an icebreaker game that will get guests mingling that can be simple enough for the casual fan or challenging to even hardcore football fanatics? Look no further, Super Bowl Who am I? is a great game to play at the beginning of a Super Bowl party to get guests chatting with each other and you can adjust the difficulty to best suits your party guests.


    Before the party starts fill out sticky name tags (“Hello, my name is” stickers are perfect) with generic jobs you see during the football game. For example head coach, referee, camera man, running back, announcer, etc. Just make sure to keep them out of eyesight of your guests. As your guests arrive, stick a name tag to them without them being able to see which job they have been given. You can stick it to their back, on their hat or even right smack on their forehead. The guests then move through the party asking each of the other party guests one yes or no question about the job they have been assigned. After asking one question they have to move on to another guest to ask their next question. The first person to figure out their job wins a prize. When anyone else figures out their job, they get to take their sticker off.

    If you have a particularly football savvy crowd you can choose to use actual people who have a history associated with the Super Bowl like past Super Bowl MVPs or winning Super Bowl coaches. It is a little tougher game, but that challenge can make it more fun for the right crowd. Below is some jobs and names you can use for the game.

    Generic Super Bowl jobs:

    Running Back
    Tight End
    Wide receiver
    Offensive Tackle
    Kick Returner
    Long Snapper
    Replay Official
    Defensive tackle
    Defensive End
    Head Coach
    General Manager
    Team Owner

    Famous Super Bowl MVPs:

    Bart Starr
    Joe Namath
    Len Dawson
    Roger Staubach
    Larry Csonka
    Franco Harris
    Lynnn Swann
    Fred Biletnikoff
    Randy White
    Terry Bradshaw
    Joe Montana
    John Riggins
    Marcus Allen
    Richard Dent
    Phil Simms
    Doug Williams
    Jerry Rice
    Troy Aikman
    Emmitt Smith
    Steve Young
    Terell Davis
    John Elway
    Kurt Warner
    Ray Lewis
    Tom Brady
    Peyton Manning
    Drew Brees
    Aaron Rodgers

    Winning Super Bowl Head Coaches:

    Vince Lombardi
    Tom Landry
    Don Shula
    Chuck Noll
    John Madden
    Bill Walsh
    Joe Gibbs
    Mike Ditka
    Bill Parcells
    Jimmy Johnson
    Mike Holmgren
    Mike Shanahan
    Dick Vermeil
    Bill Belichick
    Bill Cowher
    Tony Dungy
    Tom Coughlin