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Pass the Cup Game

Materials Needed

  • a cup or hat
  • a lot of single dollar bills
  • You give a cup to a random party guest at the start of the Super Bowl. That guest puts $1 into the cup and he announces the goal for the round. The goal can be anything that can occur in a single play in the game; such as a touchdown, a first down, a 20 yard pass completion, a sack, or a score of any kind. Anything that would require more than one play, such as “a team having three straight incomplete passes” would not be allowed since it would take at least three plays for it to occur.

    After the first player announces the goal for the round, he holds the cup until one play is completed. If his goal is met he wins whats in the cup, if not, the cup is passed to the next person. The next person puts a $1 in the cup and holds the cup for one play. If the goal is met he wins whats in the cup ($2 at this point), if not he passes it to the next person… so on and so on.

    So if for example the first player gets the cup, drops in a $1, announces the goal as “a touchdown” and waits for one play to complete while he holds the cup. If a touchdown occurs on the first play the guests wins his dollar back and passes the cup to the next person on his right who puts in $1 and starts a new round with a new goal. If a touchdown does not occur on the first play then the guests passes the cup to the person on his right who then puts in a second dollar and hopes a touchdown occurs on the second play while he holds the cup. You keep passing the cup, and guests keep adding a dollar, one play at a time until there is a touchdown in the game. When that happens whoever is holding the cup wins all the money and passes the cup to the first person to his right who starts the game again with a fresh dollar and a new goal.

    Make sure you have a lot of single dollar bills on hand to make change and encourage guests to make reasonable goals. Setting the goal as “a turnover returned for a touchdown” is technically within the rules but the entire Super Bowl might pass without as that happening and that makes the game very boring, so feel free to ban those types of goals just to keep the game flowing and fun.

    Once your guests get the hang of it you can also add in other “side goals” like “every time a fumble happens (and it’s not the current goal) everyone NOT holding the cup adds $1” or “if the quarterback is sacked (and that is not the current goal) the person holding the cup adds $2″…. you get the idea. After a while your guests will usually start tossing out ideas of their own.

    Super Bowl Party Referee

    Materials Needed

  • a whistle
  • a yellow flag
  • a pen or pencil
  • a notepad
  • At the start of the party assign a guest the job of party referee. Give them a whistle, a yellow flag, and pen and a notepad to register both the offender and the penalty committed. A foul can be parking on the grass, spilling food or drink, using loud or inappropriate language in front of kids, or even as simple as leaving the toilet seat up. Once the party ref determines a foul has been committed she blows her whistle, throws the flag and announces the penalty to the entire party using whatever hand gestures she wishes to signal the foul.

    Punishment should be decided on beforehand and should be fun yet not not overly pleasant for offenders like performing a cheer during a commercial break, eating a special hot wing or hot pepper, or lip-syncing a song during the halftime show. You do not want a referee that is going to go too crazy with calling penalties, but if you keep it lighthearted it can add to the fun of the party and perhaps limit some damage to your home.

    Super Bowl MVP Auction

    Materials Needed

  • List of players
  • Paper to keep track of auction winners
  • Before kick-off let your guests know you will be holding an MVP player auction. Guests can bid any amount on each of the key players from both Super Bowl teams and the money goes into a prize pool. When MVP is announced at the end of the game, whichever guest owns the winning MVP player they win the loot.

    Make a list of the starting quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers for each team. Since quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers win MVP more than half the time they can be auctioned off individually, but we recommend auctioning each defensive/special teams unit as a package deal instead of trying to auction each individual defensive player (if anyone in the group wins MVP the guest wins). You should also auction off an everyone else card that covers any player not auctioned off, so if any non-auctioned player comes out of nowhere to win MVP you still have a winner of the prize pool.  

    Your auction line up should include:

    – Starting quarterback from each team
    – Starting running back from each team
    – Second running back if the team splits carries (optional)
    – Both starting wide receivers from each team
    – The third wide receiver (optional)
    – Total defense and special team for each team
    – Everyone else

    In a rare situation you might have, for example, a wide receiver who also returns kicks wins the MVP. This could present a problem since two guests could own his rights (one as wide receiver, and one guest who owns the defensive/special teams “package deal”. If this happens make a judgement call as to if his play as a wide receiver or kick returner is the reason he won the MVP, if he excelled in both roles, split the money.

    Super Bowl Cook-off

    Materials Needed

  • 3x5 Cards
  • Pens or pencils
  • When you think Super Bowl, you usually don’t think cooking contest, but what better way to have a party then to get your guests to bring their best dishes! This is a easy addition to your event if you are already having a Super Bowl potluck party. You will just need to let your guests know everyone will be voting for the best dishes giving them time to cook up something good, so a bit of pre-planning is required.

    Encourage all your guests to bring their best dish and vote on who wins the “Super Bowl of party foods”. You can make it a themed cook-off by asking for just chili dishes, or chicken wings, or even their best “junk” food dish. Be creative and encourage your guests to be creative, too!

    After all the food has been served pass out 3 x 5 cards and ask everyone to vote on the top three dishes in order, explaining that no one can vote for their own offering. Assign five points for every first place vote, three for second and one for third. Add up the total and award the highest point winner as the “Super Bowl Cook-Off Champion”. Not only will your guests have a fun time voting, they will enjoy the wide variety of food they get to enjoy before the vote.

    Wear the Kids Out Before the Game

    Materials Needed

  • a football
  • assorted outdoor sports equipment
  • Set up a series of activities just for the kids before the Super Bowl.

    Obstacle course race: Set up a course and then have each kid run through it and time them. For example have them run through a zig-zag pattern you set up on the ground, then do ten jumping jacks, then climb up and down a ladder, do five sit ups and finally run around around the house to the finish line. It really does not matter what course you set up just use whatever is available. Award prizes and high praise to all the kids.

    Football Hot Potato: Have the kids stand in a circle and toss around a football. Meanwhile, an adult with his back to the activities plays music with his or her cellphone. At some point the adult stops the music and whichever kid was the last to touch the football is out.

    Lombardi Says: You play it just like Simon Says but instead it is Vince Lombardi the legendary NFL coach for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named. Make sure that Lombardi says to run in place, jump up and down and other draining activities.

    Pass, Pass, Run: The classic Duck, Duck, Goose party game with a football theme.

    You can improvise and adapt based on the kids at your party. The important part is for the kids to have fun and use up some energy before the the game so when they go to the Kidzone you hopefully set up for them during the game they are more likely to relax and stay occupied.

    Drink Brett Favre

    Materials Needed

  • An over-hyped sports personality
  • The rules are simple, whenever someone on the television broadcast mentions Brett Favre everybody drinks. Obviously, you can adjust the rules to whoever is the current player or owner getting a lot of media attention at the time of the Super Bowl. The key is to pick someone not associated directly with the game that is sure to get mentioned. For 2012 Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning are excellent choices.

    Cheering Competition

    Materials Needed

  • Fun-loving guests not afraid to to look foolish
  • Divide your guests into groups that support each of the teams in the Super Bowl. You can even have groups that support other teams that did not make the big game. Challenge each group to create an original cheer to show their support for their team and get the party excited. You can provide pom poms, megaphones, poster board and markers, streamers, backing music, anything you like to help make the cheer a glorious spectacle. Assign a panel of judges or just vote by group consensus for a winner based on originality and fun. Right before kick off have your cheer off with the winners getting a prize.

    Dumb Football Charades

    Materials Needed

  • A victim with a good sense of humor
  • Set the party up to play a real game of charades but at the last minute have an ally convince the victim to leave the room for a minute. While they are gone let the rest of the guests in on the prank. Tell them all the word the victim is going to get as the first player, cheerleader works perfectly. Then when your victim returns start the game normally with him getting the first word.

    The prank is that all of the other guests have been told to guess anything under the sun other than cheerleader. Let the victim mime cheers and jumps and dance moves until he is worn out while other guest shout out an endless string of incorrect guesses. Eventually you can let him off the hook, but not before some great party laughs.

    Optionally you can of course play a real game of charades afterwards. If so here are some suggested football themed secret words:

    Foam Finger
    50 yard line
    Goal Post
    Football Hall of Fame
    1st quarter
    Replay official

    Play Football!

    Materials Needed

  • A Football
  • Space outside to play
  • Playing is easy enough since most people at your party will already know how to play. Before the game divide up into teams and encourage everyone of all ages to participate. If you have kids playing you can play a lighthearted game of flag or (soft)touch football, if it’s just the guys, go all out with a rough and tumble game of football.

    It is not so much about who wins as it is about getting everyone’s blood pumping so when it is finally time for Super Bowl kick off (pregame seems to last for days) people are excited and ready for some football. If some people really do not want to play, get them to coach, referee or be cheerleaders.  Try and get the whole party involved in some way, your neighbors may even want to join in when they see all the fun you are having!

    If you plan for this in advance you can let you guests know so they can bring a quick change of clothes and/or shoes, too.

    Hide the Keys Game

    Materials Needed

  • One responsible person
  • By far, the best game to play at any Super Bowl party is “Hide the keys”. You play it by hiding the cars keys of any guest who has had too much to drink and wants to drive.

    You might also consider using a “Keymaster”. A Keymaster is someone responsible who is not drinking that gets the car keys from every guest as they arrive and is in charge of only returning the keys to guests who are not at risk to drive home. While it might seem like a simple thing to remember, but it’s the simple things that can make your party Fabulous.

    Have fun, and be safe!