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Set up a Kidzone

Materials Needed

  • A safe area for the kids to play
  • Games, coloring sheets, snacks
  • Babysitter (optional)
  • While not technically a game, if you are going to have children at your party it is a good idea to set up an area for them to play away from the TV watching hot spots. This can be anywhere they can play and enjoy themselves without being underfoot when the other “kids” are jumping up and down watching the game. Setup a table for them to use, have some chairs, maybe some place to lounge on the floor. Printout some Super Bowl themed word searches, word scrambles, or coloring pages. Provide some board games, puzzles and kid friendly snacks. If you have a spare tv you can even setup a video game system, or ask one of the guests with kids to bring theirs for the party.

    Letting the children have their own fun, in their own space, will not only allow them to enjoy the party more, but the adults will as well. If you are planning on having more than a few kids at your party you may even want to consider hiring a babysitter for the day to keep an eye on the children and keep them entertained. One of the parents might even have a responsible teen who is willing to do it for some extra money. Most parents will gladly kick in to help pay for this type of thing, and everyone will come away happy.