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Super Bowl Predictions Game

($$$) This is a FREE game

Predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl has been a national pastime since it began. Football fans across the nation think they can tell you how the game will turn out, so let your party guests put their money where their mouth is and show you what they got with this fun prediction game!


Print a copy for each player and pass them out with pens or pencils. Have the players fill out the sheet trying to predict the answers to the questions. Before the big game collect $1 from each player (or more if you like) and collect their filled out sheets. The money collected will go into the prize pool for the winner. At the end of the game total the scores for each player. Each question is worth 1 point for a correct answer. The person with the most correct answers wins the pool (or prize if not collecting a prize pool).

To make it easier to score later you can fill out a game sheet during the game with the correct answers as they happen. If you don’t plan on having a prize pool you can let your guests keep their sheets during the game and score it themselves as it goes along, this will be less work for you, too.

Click here to download and print the free Super Bowl Predictions Game Sheet now!