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Tacky Christmas Sweater Exchange

This is a classic gift exchange that meant more for a laugh then a real present, but it is one you will certainly remember.


If you ever walked into Walmart the week before Christmas you know how many options this exchange has! Have each guest bring a tacky (funny, sickly cute, crazy…) Christmas sweater in as a gift. Make sure to let people know they should buy an average size so most people can fit them. If you know there is a larger person in the group you may want to buy a larger size as your sweater and make sure they receive that one so no one is left in the cold.

Have your guests draw names or just randomly hand the gifts out to the guests. Now this is the best part… Have each guest open the sweater and try it on. You will be on the floor laughing at some of these crazy sweaters.

When everyone has their sweater on take a group photo! It will be a funny and memorable party with a great photo souvenir for all your guests to enjoy.