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The Leprechaun Hunter

Materials Needed

  • Traditional Celtic or Irish music
  • The Leprechaun Hunter gives your party guests a little taste of Irish culture with whole lot of St. Patrick’s Day fun!


    It is a good idea so show the kids how to do an Irish jig and a few river dance moves before you start the game. It is not important that they get it right, but it gives the leprechaun some ideas for dances to do during the game.

    The Set Up: Select a player who will be the leprechaun hunter and send them out of the room. Once the hunter is gone select a player to be the leprechaun. Play the Irish music and the leprechaun starts doing an Irish dance that all of the other players must do their best to mimic.

    The Rules: The game starts when the leprechaun hunter returns to the room with all of the kids dancing. Once the hunter returns the leprechaun will periodically change the dance moves they are doing and all the other players must copy the leprechaun as quickly as possible. It is the hunter’s job to figure out which player is the leprechaun by watching the changes in style of dance to try and determine who is leading. If the hunter guesses incorrectly then the leprechaun gets away and you reset the game with a new hunter and leprechaun. If the hunter guesses correctly then the hunter wins and gets to select the new hunter for the next round of the game.

    The Music: Traditional Celtic folk music, Irish Jigs and Reels.