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Three-Legged Race

Materials Needed

  • Something to tie legs together; bananas, rope, etc
  • Most races are about speed, but the Three-Legged Race is won by the team that works best together.


    You can pair adults with adults or kids with kids in the Three-Legged Race , but this is an excellent opportunity to team older and younger guests.

    The Set Up: Decide what you are going to use to tie the legs together for example; bandanas, rope, duct tape. Set a start and a finish line.

    The Rules: Player are broken up into teams of two. They stand next to each other and the inside right leg of one is tied to the left leg of the other. All participant stand at the starting line, after a Ready, Set, GO! they race to the finish line. The first team to cross is the winner.

    Clear the Field of Play: As is the case with any active outdoor game, make sure the playing area is clear of anything the party guests might twist an ankle on or trip over.